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View From the Ice

Many of the Jr. Banners are starting to breach comfortability on the ice. From Loyalty (15) to JJ (5), nearly all skaters have control over where they're going and how fast they get there. From time to time I'll have a player pull me aside and ask how to do something. Doda asked how to stop, so I brought him to the boards and showed him some exercises to get comfortable stopping and not even 30 seconds later, Marco asked me as well, so I directed him to Doda, the foremost expert in stopping.

Last Sunday's session ended in a series of relay races. In one instance, kids were weaving around cones and nets at impressive speeds with few moments of falling or losing balance. In another, they pushed the goals and length of the ice as teams competing against each other but, most importantly everyone is enjoying themselves on the ice! We even have Kyle and JJ saying they want to be hockey players when they grow up!

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