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We bridge the gap by being the bridge.

While sports are the hook that keep kids initially involved, BTI is where progress is made. Weekly table sessions with a trauma informed approach and help is where kids in the program can receive the tools to work through trauma/personal issues and gain hope for the future.

Goals of BTI

Hope for Future

Nothing happens until they believe they can be successful. We try and give them hope for their futures so they have a will to fight for it for themselves.

Change Life Outcomes

Everything we do is in effort to change the life outcomes of our kids and reroute them from the inner city cycle of poverty that they are familiar with. The reason kids give up on themselves, is due to lack of vision for their future.

Success is Individual

Success is individual - it depends on the personal strengths and challenges of each kid. No matter the success indicator, our coach mentors engage in one-on-one sessions with each kid individually to aid in achieving that goal.



Our kids are often in survival mode due to their environment, which can interfere with their ability to maintain employment. BTE has given our kids the opportunity to start their own businesses and see themselves as more than employees but, entrepreneurs.

Our partnership with The Peale's AAA program has been the greatest reflection of this program's success thus far. Jay'Quan Washington and Tavon Phillips completed the program which resulted in the launch of their business, the A.P. Art Squad, LLC. which provides support services for artists, galleries, and museums. 


On average many kids coming from this inner city cycle are not ready to be independent at 18. We keep a two pronged focus -- strengths, challenges, career – and overcoming issues, as well as, a trauma informed approach with some professional help. 

In a typical session, we have family dinner and then ease into our topic of discussion. Another special area of mentoring is the one on one time had with picking up the kids for the sessions.

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