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Bridging the Gap

The Tender Bridge (TTB) was founded in 2003 by its current Director, Noel Acton. "Mr. Noel", as he is known to kids in East Baltimore, has devoted his life to helping inner city kids see and understand the alternative choices they have in life.

The Tender Bridge's mission is to guide marginalized youth in high-violence areas of East Baltimore on the path to become productive citizens. While sports are the hook that keep our often difficult to engage kids involved, building trusted relationships with their coach-mentors produces profound growth on their journey to adulthood.

TTB operates continuously, year around, recruiting kids from the streets, signing them up for sports programs, and then transporting them to and from those activities. TTB helps kids participate in ice hockey, football, baseball and sailing. Many such programs are managed by third parties, while some programs are run by TTB itself.

Like most organizations helping Baltimore's children, TTB relies on donations for its operation.

What makes TTB stand out in this respect is that nearly all donations go directly to supporting kids. Money is spent on sports equipment, gas for transportation, meals with the kids, and any other basic kids' needs may arise.

The Tender Bridge is a Maryland non-profit entity and all contributions are tax-deductible.


For more information, message us on our social media pages or email Mr. Noel at

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