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Our Mission

Tender Bridge uses hockey along with other activities as a vehicle to build lasting relationships with marginalized youth in high violence areas of Baltimore. These relationships help our youth access meaningful opportunities and support on the road to successful adulthood as they define it themselves.

Our Vision

  • Create life changing opportunities in wellness, education and career specific to each teammates.

  • Foster deeply rooted and lifelong mentorships that are not limited by age or any other barriers.

  • A program owned by the community and beneficial to the entire community.

  • Guide our teammates to become leaders in TenderBridge, their families, and the community to create cycles of success.


Our Values


  • We strive to meet our teammates where they are rather than expecting them to come to us; no matter where they may be throughout life.

  •  Continue to recognize unattended-to opportunities.

  • Be consistent, be dependable, and most importantly be THERE.  Follow through on your promises and expect the same in return.

  • Support with empathy, sincerity, and optimism.

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